St. Albert boasts over 85 kilometres of paved recreational trails.  St. Albert's Red Willow Trail System spans the city from Riverlot 56 to Big Lake.

To see a complete map of the recreational trail system in St. Albert, visit the St. Albert Visitor Welcome Centre.  

Parks, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces are found all around St. Albert. Use this map to find the one nearest you or to explore the parks around the city.  

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Big Lake & Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park

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Big Lake & Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park

53°35′50″N 113°42′57″W

Located in the south-west corner of St. Albert near Ray Gibbon Drive, Big Lake is about 8 km in length and 3 km at its widest point.  This little known gem is home to many bird, fish and land animal species.  Big Lake is considered by Alberta Fish and Wildlife to be one of the twenty most important habitat areas in Alberta!   

Big Lake is a widening of the Sturgeon River, flowing through St. Albert. In addition to being a bird paradise, Big Lake is the habitat for deer, moose, muskrats, beaver, squirrels, weasel, and mink.  There are also fish species such as Northern Pike as well as reptile and amphibian species living in this prairie parkland.  


A Globally Significant Important Bird Area (IBA)

More than 235 bird species have been recorded at Big Lake, and it is known as a significant bird watching area.

Big Lake has been designated a "globally significant" IBA because of three factors: 

  1. Large number of Tundra Swans using Big Lake as a resting stop during annual migrations

  2. Franklin's Gulls have used Big Lake for a nesting colony

  3. Large numbers of many different migratory waterfowl use Big Lake as a staging and resting area during the spring and autumn migrations

Big Lake Viewing Platform

The Big Lake viewing platform was built with the support of the Big Lake Environment Support Society (BLESS) and Alberta Environmental Protection, the City of St. Albert, and Ducks Unlimited Canada.  

The viewing platform looks out over the East Bay of Big Lake, one of the most significant sensitive wetlands in Alberta.  From here, the Sturgeon River flows through St. Albert to enter the North Saskatchewan River near Fort Saskatchewan, AB.  

The viewing platform and walking trails are available from some locations along Ray Gibbon Drive with parking along Riel Drive.  Walking paths are accessible via Rodeo Drive near the Kinsmen RV Park.  

Get a better look at Big Lake from the viewing platform accessible from the Red Willow Trail System!

Get a better look at Big Lake from the viewing platform accessible from the Red Willow Trail System!

Get close to nature and learn about the Big Lake Area on the John E. Poole Interpretive Board Walk!

Get close to nature and learn about the Big Lake Area on the John E. Poole Interpretive Board Walk!


Access to Big Lake and the surrounding Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park is limited.  In St. Albert, there is access to a major Viewing Platform and shelter via the walking and biking trails of the Red Willow Trail System.  

To access the north side of the lake, the St. Albert Rotary Club and Ducks Unlimited Canada have created a nature trail to the wetlands.  There is road access from Edmonton and Parkland County, specifically via 231 Street.  

Big Lake Environment Support Society (BLESS)

BLESS Events

BLESS Summer Nature Program

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Kayak Rentals

Rentals of kayaks are available for a charge by calling 587-783-7380.

Commemorative Bench Program

St. Albert, AB                                                                   Phone: 780-459-1755 ext. 3030

Dedicated to or in memory of those with a connection to the City of  St. Albert, citizens have the opportunity to place a plaque on Red Willow Park benches throughout the City. 

Pricing & Application Form

Commemorative Plaque Program

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Community Parks & Playgrounds

St. Albert, AB

Most neighbourhoods and local schools have playgrounds and park spaces nearby for residents and guests.  Whether you're looking to monkey around on a play structure, play sports in an open field, or get out and burn off some energy, there's something nearby that will fit your needs.  

In addition to the parks and playgrounds listed:

Grenadier Park

  • Located in the Grandin neighbourhood

  • Found between Grandin Road and Gresham Blvd

  • A designated Off-Leash Area

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Dog-Friendly Parks

St. Albert, AB                                                                 Phone: 780-418-6005

St. Albert has two designated dog-friendly parks: Lacombe Lake Park and Dodger Dog Park.  In addition there are designated off-leash areas including outdoor boarded rinks.  

  • Off Leash Site: available for dogs when not used for a scheduled sporting activity authorized by the city.

  • Dog-Friendly Park: larger in size and designated specifically for dogs and include signage, garbage cans, and amenities.


·       Dogs must be licensed and remain under the owners control (voice,           sound, or sight commands)

·       Dog-walkers must carry a leash at all times and they must be used             on or within one metre of trails in all areas, including off-leash.  

·      Dogs must be on-leash if a regularly organized sporting activity is                taking place within the off-leash area.  

·       Dogs are not allowed in playground areas

Grey Nuns White Spruce Park

Ray Gibbon Drive, St. Albert, AB                               Recreation & Parks: 780-418-6063


The Grey Nuns White Spruce Park is an ecologically and historically significant area in St. Albert.  It is located east of Ray Gibbon Drive and has been designated as a Municipal Historic Resource. Many of the trees are well over 100 years old, providing a habitat for a variety of birds, mammals, plants, and amphibians.  If you’re looking to go for a walk or a hike and view wildlife, the Grey Nuns White Spruce Park is the perfect place.  


To get to the park, park at the end of Rodeo Drive by the BLESS Shelter and head west along the trail to the bridge.  Access is from the Red Willow Trail System.  

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Kingswood Park

395 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, St. Albert, AB     Recreation & Parks: 780-418-6063


Kingswood Park is a beautiful location for those who are looking to spend the day taking a walk, having a quiet picnic, or doing group activities.

In the winter, you can use the social skate surface or the cross country ski trails, courtesy of the St. Albert Nordic Ski Club.  There is a change building with washrooms on-site.   

There are picnic tables and tons of grassy areas for games, picnics and group activities.  There is ample parking and Kingswood Park is easily accessible from the Red Willow Trail System.  

Kingswood Park is in close proximity to the St. Albert Botanic Park and Riverlot 56 Natural Area, giving you lots of areas to explore and enjoy nature.  

Lacombe Lake Park

McKenney Avenue, St. Albert, AB                                   Phone: 780-418-6063


Lacombe Park Lake is a popular location for recreation, local events, family events, and dog-lovers.  If you're looking to take a walk or a bike ride on the scenic trails, or sit at a picnic bench or picnic table to enjoy the view, then Lacombe Lake Park is perfect for you.  

There is a nearby playground as well as on-site washrooms.  Fishing in the lake is permitted for children only.  Lacombe Lake Park also has an off-leash dog area for pet owners and their furry friends to enjoy! 

In the winter, depending on ice conditions, the lake becomes a social ice surface and a hockey ice-surface.  There is an on-site heated skate shack with washrooms.  

Lions Park

SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL AVENUE & TACHE STREET Recreation & Parks: 780-418-6063


Lions Park is the perfect place to plan that outdoor get-together.  With playground equipment for the children, tons of open space, picnic tables and fire-pits you have all you need for the perfect picnic or campfire! In the winter months, Lions Park has a social ice surface. 

Lions Park offers exercise equipment for public use!

Lions Park offers exercise equipment for public use!

There's something fun for everyone in the family at Lions Park!

There's something fun for everyone in the family at Lions Park!

With picnic tables and fire pits, Lion's Park is the perfect place for getting together!

With picnic tables and fire pits, Lion's Park is the perfect place for getting together!

Click here to learn about reserving a picnic shelter.

Riverlot 56 Natural Area

Sturgeon County, AB T8T 2A2                                     Alberta Parks: 1-866-427-3582


Riverlot 56 Natural Area is located in Sturgeon County along the banks of the Sturgeon County along the banks of the Sturgeon River, just outside the city of St. Albert. In 1965 the land was transferred to the provincial government. It is a 267 acre haven of public land surrounded by privately owned farm land and housing developments. 

The objective of the Riverlot 56 Natural Area Society in cooperation with the Government of Alberta is to preserve the physical and ecological diversity of the area while promoting nature-oriented educational and recreational activities.

Site Features

Diverse habitat types are found within the Natural Area, from the upland aspen forests to the open and large meadows to stream bed aquatic plant communities. Patches of willow and cattails grow along the banks of the Sturgeon River. Riverlot 56 is populated with many bird species as well as mammals such as muskrat, beaver, deer and moose. Recreational Trail Systems exist on either side of the Sturgeon Road, which cuts across the area. These trails are used extensively for hiking, cross-country skiing and nature observation. Access for the recreational activities is excellent year round.

Please remember:

·       Stay on the trails to protect the animal and plant life

·       Keep the trails clean and help us by picking up litter

·       Mountain bikes and motorized vehicles are prohibited

·       Fires are illegal

·       Leave your pet at home  

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Spruce Up St. Albert

ST. ALBERT, AB                                                                   PHONE: 780-459-1755 EXT. 3030

Interested in helping "Spruce Up" St. Albert? The Spruce Up St. Albert season runs from April to October, providing a variety of events to help beautify our City! 

Natural Areas / Neighbourhoods Clean Up

Partners in Parks

TD Clean & Green RiverFest

Schoolyard Clean Ups

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St. Albert Botanic Park

The Jewel of St. Albert; Alberta's Botanical Arts City

265 Sturgeon Road, St. Albert, AB                                 Phone: 780-458-7163

The 5-acre St. Albert Botanic Park stretches along the banks of the Sturgeon River. The gardens are open from Sunrise to Sunset and are an excellent place for avid gardeners and for those who enjoy a stroll through nature!   

Plant Sales: During the summer you can purchase plant material harvested from the gardens, including Dahlias, Day Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Peonies and other assorted perennials.  

Gift Shop:  Discover a dazzling array of garden-inspired treasures.  The gift shop is open from May to September, 10 am - 7 pm daily.  Walking brochures for self-guided tours are available from the Gift Shop.  

Botanic Park Events : The St. Albert Botanic Park also has yearly events such as the Mothers' Day Weekend Rose Sale, the Canada Day Strawberry Tea with free activities, the July Rose Show, August Picnic in the Park with free activities, and Christmas in October at the Gift Shop.  

 Botanic Park Programs: 

  • Little Sprouts Program: grade one education programs are offered in conjunction with local schools and community organizations.

  • Gardening Classes: a range of gardening classes are held during the Spring and Fall. See website for details.

  • John Beedle Centre: hall rentals are available for classes, meetings, and special occasions.

  • Weddings and Photos in the Park

Botanic Garden Hours & Location

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